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I think back to what our spiritual leaders (pastors, youth directors, parents) could have done differently to guide us through those tumultuous teenage years.

Sadly, I never remember a single Sunday School lesson, youth group event, or sermon focused on sexual purity.

I lost count during those years of looking for love. Not-So-Guilty Pleasures.”) When teaching young people about boundaries in dating or courtship relationships, it’s easy to focus on all the things they shouldn’t do. By teaching teens the difference between loving activities and lustful activities, we can equip them to enjoy the healthiest romantic relationships possible.

God got my attention and drew me back to a sexually moral lifestyle in my early 20s.

An unspoken “Don’t ask, don’t tell” rule loomed large: Don’t embarrass us by asking questions about sex, and we won’t embarrass you by trying to bring it up.

Maybe adults thought that silence about such a taboo topic would keep us innocent, but there is a difference between innocence and ignorance.

Rather than saving sex for that special someone, they begin letting life (and all of the sexual temptations that come with it) drag them down. Why bother resisting once you have lost your virginity? I was date-raped by a guy I was not even officially dating — an 18-year-old boy with whom I had been flirting for attention.

Any sexual insinuation or innuendo on television resulted in the remote control getting pressed in record time.Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” Although I believe wholeheartedly in the inerrancy of Scripture, I must say I am often tempted to interject a parenthetical phrase into Hosea 4:6.Its meaning would be clearer if we said, “It’s a lack of [the right kind of] knowledge that causes people to perish.” I will explain by shifting our focus to the opposite extreme — examining the other end of our pendulum swing analogy.As she shopped for wedding gowns for her special day, nothing but a bright white dress would do to symbolize her pristine purity.It seemed the recipe for the perfect marriage — two virgins walking the aisle, dragging absolutely no sexual baggage behind them whatsoever.

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