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It’s a personal preference, and a fear of the unknown, but I just don’t like it.My other real issue with it is that it ends up being a lot of repetitive code.This handy little approach finally gave us a nice way to alert the user of the problem without being too heavy handed in the UI. First of all, it took a lot of code behind to manage the Error Provider: checking field values against business rules, updating the provider’s list of errors, or clearing it out when the status was OK ended up being a lot of code, especially when there were a lot of data fields.And then, beyond deciding whether or not the Error symbol would blink (I always the blinking exclamation point), there wasn’t a lot of pizzazz we could add. Getting Started Before I go any further, you can find most of the basics in these articles: I recommend reading these articles.Additionally, we are going to add a few fields to help customize the messaging experience. There are lots of additional ways you could customize this, but there should be enough in this example to get you started writing your own custom validation rules.I put generalized rules like this in a separate project and namespace so I can reuse them in many projects.I’m not going to harp too much on the details presented in these other articles.

This means if we attempt to insert a non-integer field with a non-integer value, the validity checking never occurs: instead, WPF swallows the error.Validation can be a real pain to implement, and contrary to all our Hello World style applications, is not the best way to inform our users that we have an issue with their keyboarding skills.I remember being ecstatic when I learned about the Win Forms Error Provider.Look at the example above and you’ll see two integer values that are both tested to be within a certain range.While the ranges are different, the action is the same.

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