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Investigators believe Hegele attempted to respond to a robbery call and hit either a curb or a sidewalk that slashed two of his tires.The report said Hegele called to let dispatch know he was having issues with his vehicle and to put him out of service, but did not say what happened.Dashcam footage reveals the shocking moment a speeding sheriff's deputy plowed into a Smart Car at 104mph on a Florida highway, severely injuring its driver.Palm Beach County Deputy Brandon Hegele slammed into the back of 61-year-old Harry Deshommes in May 2016 and will appear in court August 28 on charges of reckless driving and causing serious bodily injury to another.His injuries also included a skull fracture, traumatic brain injury, and a broken arm, ribs, back and pelvis. The victim's sister, Gina Desronleaux, described the victim as 'a simple man' and said he has not been himself since the crash.

Sheriff's Internal Affairs via My Palm Beach Post Hegele has been a deputy since 2004.With the contributors below there is something for everyone.The hardest decision was which story to read first, so I smartly decided to read them in the order the editors presented them. Favorite stories -Aural Pleasures Metro Heat That Was Then, This is Now Act 1Writer's Block Picture Perfect All About Her Nick of Time Contrary to Fact Present The Boss Writers -Anna Watson Barbara Johnson Bryn Haniver C. Crews Cate Lawton Crin Claxton Eva Vandetuin Geneva King Jane Fletcher Jean Rosestar Jen Cross Joy Parks Karin Kallmaker KI Thompson Laurie Cox M. Ammerman Maggie Kinsella Marie Alexander MJ Perry Nairne Holtz Nell Stark Rachel Kramer Bussel Radclyffe Ren Peters Renee Strider Scarlet French Stacia Seaman Therese Szymanski Victoria Brownworth From the publisher's Website - Take an erotic journey through some of the greatest bedtime stories never told. Ride a big city subway where women get on and get off...Since then he has caused tens of thousands of dollars in damages for collisions with his patrol car.Most of the offenses were given a written reprimand.

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