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Rabbit polyclonal antibodies against membrin and GS15 were obtained from Dr. An anti-GS15 peptide antibody was generated commercially (Syn Pep Inc., Dublin, CA) by immunizing rabbits with a GS15 peptide (aa27–41) coupled through a C-terminal cysteine to KLH.These polyclonal antibodies were affinity-purified by Sulfolink (Pierce Inc., Rockford, IL) columns coupled with either GS15 peptide (aa27–41 cysteine) or his6-tagged human Ykt6.In particular, fusion of vesicles derived from the ER with the Golgi requires the pairing of the v-SNARE Bet1 (in yeast; r Bet1 in animals) with the t-SNARE comprised of the syntaxin heavy chain Sed5 (syntaxin 5) and light chains Bos1 (membrin) and Sec22 (ERS24, also named Sec22b; Parlati -Golgi network (TGN).By contrast, the t-SNARE light chains membrin, ERS24 and the v-SNARE r Bet1 are located in the intermediate compartment (IC) and largely within the first two cisternae of the Golgi stack on the side.The authors present a case of histologically benign and incidentally discovered millimetric solitary fibrous tumor of the bladder, invisible to radiologic imaging and clinically benign.The case came to our attention because of repeated episodes of renal colic.The t-SNARE consists of Sed5 (syntaxin 5) as the heavy chain together with Ykt6 (m Ykt6) and Gos1 (GOS28) as the light chains. The two Golgi SNAREpins are completely distinct functionally, as v-Sft1 will only fuse with t-Sed5/Ykt6, Gos1 and not with t-Sed5/Bos1, Sec22 and v-Bet1 will only fuse with t-Sed5/Bos1, Secc22 and not with t-Sed5/Ykt6, Gos1 (Parlati 2002).

What are the relative molar abundances of Golgi SNAREs?

Ten months after excision the patient had no ecographic sign of recurrence.

Extrapleural SFTs are anatomically ubiquitous, as documented also by the present case report, and occur equally in males and females, primarily in adult life, with a wide range of ages, 20 to 70 years.[4,5] The ubiquity of SFT supports its mesenchymal origin (with fibroblastic/myofibroblastic features).[3] Most present as a slow-growing, painless masses.

The presence of syntaxin 5 throughout the stack, well beyond its light chains membrin and ERS24 suggested that it could play a dual role, also serving as the heavy chain of a second, distinct intra-Golgi t-SNARE within later cisternae.

Consistent with this, syntaxin 5/Sed5 coimmunoprecipitates with several additional SNAREs in extracts from animal and yeast cells (Sogaard 2002).

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In cases of bladder SFT, the most frequent symptoms, such as pain, palpable mass, abdominal distention, urinary retention, haematuria, constipation, and bowel obstruction, are related to compression and local invasion of nearby structures.

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