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It’s called first love, baby, and it’s got you under its spell.

Maybe you are both virgins to dating, discovering what falling for someone is like for the first time.

You need to grow and change together, especially in college. Every little thing you do, down to eating a burrito, is magical and gets put on a pedestal. “I'd say that there really isn't another time you will have an experience like your ‘first love,’” she says. We shared many ‘firsts’ with each other and much of that was the reason it took me a long time to get over him.

Every tough emotion and worry you and your partner have is valid (we all ride the romantic struggle bus), but as your life progresses, your sense of urgency is reshaped. “However, you will grow to realize that the first isn't always the best. Even now I look back on my time with him and I'm happy that we enjoyed each other.” Whatever it is, they will forever hold dear that special moment between you and use it as a reference point of joy for the rest of their lives.

She understands just how sad your first serious partner can make you. Do you know how many single ladies in the world are jealous of you right now? Dealing with heartbreak and binge-eating ice cream has helped shaped your love life and will eventually lead you to the end of your rainbow.

“The one thing you can avoid by with your first love is the period of horror that almost everyone in the world who has lost their first love goes through,” she says. Now we all roll our eyes at the pain of someone experiencing that loss of a part of themselves for the first time.” The second or third time around, your relationship not working out hurts a little less. You become desensitized to loss, and it won’t feel like a mortal wound to have love end. Seriously, you have someone to bring to your awkward family gatherings, eat food with and cuddle while you binge-watch for the third time. Real talk though, falling in love with someone who has only. You also know that you can love someone more than your first.

Luckily for you, she shared some of her romantic wisdom with us.

Myelle Lansat is a sex and relationships writer at Elite Daily and Jerk Magazine at Syracuse University. If you’re an experienced dater, you know the importance of breakups and growing from them.

Angie House is a counselor at Illinois State University and specializes in dating and relationships.

She’s pretty much the life coach you’ve always wanted to have, but haven’t been #blessed enough to meet.

It’s powerful because you are experiencing it for the first time.

Maybe you took your partner’s virginity or are the first one they’ve brought home to meet their family.

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