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Knight, who actually posted the photo on her Twitter feed, snapped, “Seriously what makes you guys think that I want to see bad photoshopped images of my daughter, for the last time THEY ARE FUCKING FAKE!!

” While Knight is branding the photo as phony, there is a key clue indicating it’s actually legitimate.

Another video shows Paige having sex with Woods while Maddox films.

There are at least five photos of Paige flashing her intimate parts, many of which are in front of a mirror.

In the shot, Paige is standing in front of a bathroom mirror with her shirt pulled down and her right breast exposed.

Some fans tweeted the image in question to her mother, Saraya Knight, who boldly addressed the situation.

Another video shows Paige, nude and shot up close, performing the act again.

One video shows Paige, nude, speaking in front of a camera to say she’s “practicing again.” She then turns around to do a solo act with a sex toy.

The phone cover seen in the photo matches with this selfie Paige posted on Instagram in November 2014.

The situation is also quite similar to what fellow WWE star Dana Brooke experienced in December 2015.

Find out what else the WWE Hall of Famer wants to do to her…

Latest Paige News, Photos and Videos → Check out Paige on, your go-to source for the latest news, photos and videos… After two suspensions and neck surgery, the WWE star has another problem to deal with: leaked nude photos and videos.

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No, literally — go to Paige’s Instagram account and there you will find her house.

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