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(There are one or two shorter shorts that look to have been shot on what was probably less expensive gear.) The film's 1080p/AVC-encoded presentation seems true to sourceno blatant DNR or edge enhancement, no obvious compression issuesbut Movie 43 isn't exactly a stunner, mostly because of the cheap-looking "comedy movie" lighting, which tends to be flat and often overly bright.The sense of clarity is usually quite strong, though, with visible fine detail almost always visible in the actors' faces, hair, and clothing.(They throw parties and don't invite him, make fun of his "weird pubes"I think this is the first time I've used the word "pubes" twice in a reviewand call him various homophobic/insulting slurs.) It could've been comic gold, but there's something off about it; it's just not as funny as it should be.The same goes for "Superhero Speed Dating," featuring Batman (SNL's Jason Sudekis) playing Cyrano de Bergerac to his Robin (Justin Long), who's struggling in his speed-dating rounds with Super Girl (Kristen Bell) and Lois Lane (Uma Thurman).Richard Gere is in that last onehe plays a Steve Jobs-type CEOand he looks visibly embarrassed to be there. What's particularly sad is that there are a few skits with semi-clever premises that are botched by so-so execution.I'm thinking particularly of "Homeschooled," in which Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber try to give their sheltered teenaged son the "normal high school experience" by humiliating and alienating him.

The first stars Kate Winslet as a well-to-do socialite who gets set up on a blind date at a fancy restaurant with New York's most eligible bachelor (Hugh Jackman), a lawyer who volunteers for the Special Olympics and who appears on the cover of "Gotham" magazine with the headline, "Why is this man still single? He unintentionally rubs his neck-nuts against Winslet's cheek while they pose uncomfortably for a picture.

Wessler and Peter Farrelly, who've been working together since Dumb and Dumber, and who conceived of this project as "a Kentucky Fried Movie for the modern age." Presumably calling in every favor stored up between them, the two somehow attracted a cast that includes industry titans Richard Gere, Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, and Terrence Howardamong many others and recruited directors like Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand), James Gunn (Slither), and Steve Carr (Paul Blart: Mall Cop) to oversee the individual segments.

The end result is a tasteless and loud procession of R-rated middle school humor that's inexplicably targeted at adults.

Movie 53 isn't just bad, it's aggressively bad, and the most offensive thing about it is that it treats you, the viewer, like an idiot.

The opening joke in the film is about how Isabella Rosellini has particularly odious cheese farts due to lactose intolerance, which should give you some idea of what you're in for.

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