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'Basma(n)' and 'Samara' are often said to be Pasai and Samudra but evidence is inconclusive.

The gravestone of Sultan Malik as-Salih, the first Muslim ruler of Samudra, has been found and is dated AH 696 (AD 1297).

The images of Amitabha Buddhas are adorned his crown; in front and each sides. Collection of National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Historic names such as Indrapurba, Indrapurwa, Indrapatra, and Indrapuri, which refer to Hindu god Indra, gave some hint of Indian influence on this region.

Furthermore, as the Cham people fled the Vietnamese, one of the earliest locations that they established a relationship with was Aceh.Aceh is thought to have been the place where the spread of Islam in Indonesia began, and was a key factor of the spread of Islam in Southeast Asia.Islam reached Aceh (Kingdoms of Fansur and Lamuri) around 1250 AD.In the early seventeenth century the Sultanate of Aceh was the most wealthy, powerful and cultivated state in the Malacca Straits region.Aceh has a history of political independence and resistance to control by outsiders, including the former Dutch colonists and the Indonesian government.

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