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Titan plays well with other dogs who are larger, with proper introductions.He has the typical mastiff temperament, including a little stubborn streak when it’s time to be crated, he responds well to bribery for now.For sub-tropes dealing with specific animals, look at the Pleasant Animals Index and the Scary Animals Index.As I transitioned from a suburban homesteader to a rural one, animals were one of the first things I wanted to add to our property.Chickens (for meat) Once you fully embrace the homesteading lifestyle, you might really want to consider raising your own meat chickens.Raising our own meat from chick to table has given our family such a unique respect and understanding of where our food comes from. This guy’s personality is as big as he is (and that’s BIG). He is food and treat motivated so it should be pretty easy to teach this spunky 7 year old a few new tricks.

To have a mean and cruel kitten terrorizing a family of nervous, flighty bears is an uphill fight for everybody."Similar to Animal Jingoism. There is a tendency, especially in animated works involving animal characters, often Funny Animals or Talking Animals, to cast characters of a certain species as bad guys and characters of a different species as the good guys.

Titan is house trained and hasn't exhibited any destructive behavior at all.

His bark to let strangers know he is present is just as intimidating as his massive size, but the truth is, he is a teddy bear to his family.

I was positively enamored with the idea of raising my own flocks and herds to help feed my family!

Several years later, I am still constantly adding animals to our homestead, and I’m here to warn you that livestock can be addictive!

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