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This is the perfect tour for you who appreciate the outdoors, nature and wildlife.

See contact page for instructions on how to find Unicar's office.The hunts, called grindadráp in Faroese, are non-commercial and are organized on a community level.Anyone who has a special training certificate on slaughtering a pilot whale with the spinal-cord lance can participate.We at 62°N have put together a program with a local guide showing you around the rich natural and cultural sights providing a real insight into the Faroese community. The islands have a unique nature, a rich history and a rich culture.The changing weather with rain, mist, heat and sunshine adds a breathtaking natural beauty, and the meeting with the hospitable inhabitants is an essential part of the experience.

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  1. Editor’s Note: This article has been updated as explained below. In 1997, Steed was a 14-year-old junior counselor well on his way to earning the rank of Eagle when he arrived at Camp Little Lemhi, a scenic campground on the Snake River south of Grand Teton National Park in southeastern Idaho.