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On a wet day, they used to be like a medicine ball but in normal conditions the balls we use now are actually heavier, according to Shearer's programme.

On Monday morning, at our training ground in Stoke, I sat with a few of the lads who had also watched it and spoke about some of the issues. I've been knocked out before and just got up and played on. Four players in our dressing room have suffered from it this season, but they have to wait for the medical all-clear before returning. I'll still be looking for headers against Brighton on Monday night.

They can't say they haven't had people coming to them or warning them. I'm not saying anything radical should be done, in the way America banned kids from heading balls in November 2015.

Heading is a skill and it would be a shame to lose that from the game.

The air ambulance has arrived at Killarney after Ana O' Brien's earlier fall.

We will provide more updates once we receive further news: GU2jem— At The Races (@At The Races) July 18, 2017 The horse suffered fatal injuries, while O'Brien was quickly attended to by the medical staff on duty, which included Turf Club senior medical officer Dr Adrian Mc Goldrick.

In my early years, I wanted to be like Paul Gascoigne. I was more interested in trying scissor-kicks like the great Italian striker Gianluca Vialli.Kind lot that they are, they said to me: 'Well, you're f****d! In all seriousness, watching the documentary made me certain that I will have a scan for CTE — Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy — at some point to see if all those aerial battles have made a mark. You don't think about the consequences — the rewards of scoring a goal far outweigh the pain of getting a whack in the head.But I did draw one conclusion after I had switched off the TV the other night. Whether it is the PFA or the FA, they need to do more and lead the way.But it only takes a documentary like this to make everyone think.This is too big a topic for footballers, past and present, to ignore.

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Stoke felt their full force last month when they beat us 7-2.

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