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For purposes of this article, "custom" refers to picks with his name on them.He developed a preference for medium guage picks at some point during this time.It was the third of four prototypes for the 000-ECHF, a limited-edition model introduced in 2006 that was designed in collaboration by Clapton, Martin’s Dick Boak, and the Japanese fashion designer and music producer Hiroshi Fujiwara.Clapton appeared on NBC’s on November 18, 2005 and performed “Back Home” with this guitar or one of the other three Bellezza Bianca prototypes.According to his roadies Cutter and Donnie, Stevie started getting custom picks in 1981 (July according to Cutter).Cutter says Lenny Vaughan wanted to make jewelry out of the picks to sell along with tee shirts, etc.

This is the most in-depth and comprehensive study of Stevie's guitar picks.

In addition, the auction features a 1960s Bjarton 12-string guitar owned by Ringo Starr and occasionally played by his Beatles bandmate John Lennon.

In the 1970s, Starr gave the guitar to Klaus Voormann, the Beatles’ longtime friend from their days playing in Hamburg in the early Sixties.

You'll quickly see why we made this our lead article!

It will surely be referenced by collectors, again and again.

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Voormann designed the cover of the group’s 1966 album, Guernsey’s says the auction features the largest collection of guitars dating back to 1880.

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