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To my limited understanding, UC isn't being introduced principally to lower the benefits bill, it's being introduced to encapsulate all Income Related benefits in one place.

So if your benefit is Income Related I don't think you'll have any choice other than to move on to it, as with the other people I spoke to, there's little you can do apart from follow what they tell you to do when your contacted.

I have seen plenty of cases reported where underpayments spanning 2 years or more have been paid out to the claimant.

Do the DWP not realise that all of this is stressing me out! What I'm wondering is how many others have been and are continuing to be underpaid and like me don't know it? Assuming the CAB are right of course and there has been underpayments made in my case, that remains to be seen.

If you have the option of moving onto it now without waiting for them to move you onto it, then that £70 a week is a lot of money to lose, as you'll only be able to claim it from the date you move onto UC, never mind if it's next week or next year.

Hi Archermate, As Nukecad says 'underpayments' completely separate to 'backdating'.I've been advised that UC has now arrived in our postcode and as a dependent free couple we would be better off by 70 odd quid a week if we claimed UC, I don't understand how this is possible!Wasn't the reason UC came about is too reduce the welfare bill! I've just done a calculation on turn2us and it seems the CAB are right, I don't get how they appear too be.Many of these surrounded those that were migrating from IB to ESA (CB) and DWP had not calculated if there was any element of IR ESA that should have been added.There have also been other reasons why DWP miscalculated or not included various additions/premiums and this could actually lead to a nice little nest egg!

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Also, if this results in fairly substantial amount of underpayment (3 years worth!

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