Aries cancer dating

Your moods may vary from one extreme to another, creating emotional upheavals. You may have debts which are outside your normal range of expenses just now as for planets transit your 12th house.You are overly generous at the moment, but that's understandable with Christmas now upon us.A succinct phone conversation or email with someone at a distance should clear the air.

You feel competitive urges and tension with females so get back to basics and understand the true motivation for why you are doing things in your life.

With Mars soon to enter Pisces, you breathe a sigh of relief.

But you still feel forced to repair or change your residence but you know that modifying your environment is only your projection.

There are often confusing episodes in the sphere of medicine or in regard to hospitals and institutions so this transit has everything to do with health affairs right now.

You have a preference for being alone at present so don't feel as if you have to make excuses for being a recluse.

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